Welcome to Mc Pending's Pub

You're a bartender in an Irish Pub and you need to keep your clients happy. 

Problems arise when the tv connection is pending and your customers want to watch the game. Your job is to keep serving clients while also restoring the short-circuits within the pub. 

Use 'WASD' for movement and the 'E' key to interact with the environment.

This game is a submission to the Nordic Game Jam thus, it was made under 48 hours. 

Made By:

Manuel Guimarães - https://thedarkryze.itch.io/

André Antunes - https://antunes10.itch.io/

Daniela Machado - https://crypticat.itch.io/

Fábio Sousa - https://dannyisyog.itch.io/

Sónia Costa - https://sonia-costa.itch.io/

We are part of our college game development group, Game Dev Técnico, which can be found here on Itch.io, and on Facebook and Twitter!

We used the following 3rd party assets for the environment:

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AuthorsAntunes10, TheDarkRyze, DannyIsYog, CryptiCat, Sonia Costa

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