Welcome to Felicità, a new store that opened in town where people can buy the solutions to all their problems! 

Do you hate your job? Your parents don't love you? Can't get a girlfriend?

Don't worry, we got you covered!

ⱼᵤₛₜ ᵦₑ ₘᵢₙ𝒹𝒻ᵤₗ ₜₕₐₜ ᵧₒᵤ'ₗₗ ₚₐᵧ 𝓌ᵢₜₕ ᵧₒᵤᵣ ₗᵢ𝒻ₑ ₛₒ ᵢ 𝒸ₐₙ ₛᵤₘₘₒₙ ₐₙ ₐₙ𝒸ᵢₑₙₜ 𝓰ₒ𝒹 ₜₒ 𝒸ₒₙₛᵤₘₑ ₐₗₗ ₗᵢ𝒻ₑ ₒₙ ₑₐᵣₜₕ, ₒₖ? Gₒₒ𝒹!

Well, let's hope you'll be happy in your afterlife!

This game was made for the GJL Game Parede Spring 2022  under the theme Every Life Counts, during the period of a week.

How to play

Felicità is a card game where the objective is to kill the maximum number of people to summon your little demon, W'ifu!

For 3 days, you'll get clients in your shop. Your mission is to guess their card  in order to get to know them, so you can give them the perfect item (hopefully) to murder help them with their predicament.

You'll be able to choose your item after guessing the client's card. When choosing and item be mindful that most have a chance to fail when it comes to murdering helping the client - if that happens, the police will become suspicious of your dealings.  There's only a specific item that surely kills your client without raising suspicion.

Happy summoning!

The team

We are part of a college game dev group - Game Dev Técnico. You can find us at itch.iofacebook and twitter!

Special Thanks

Kevin MacLeod for the Music: Kevin MacLeod - YouTube
Zapsplat for the sound effects: Download FREE Sound Effects (zapsplat.com)

Install instructions

  1. Play the browser version (most up to date)

If you want the exe:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Open the .exe file
  4. Sell your soul
  5. Enjoy


Felicita_BugFix_V1.zip (older version) 110 MB


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Love the concept of this haha! Quite complex too to learn so lots of replayability! Art is really pretty too guys well done.


I really loved the game and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of playing it! The story and art had a lot of charm and the mechanic of reading cards in a supernatural shop really brought the game to life! It also holds a lot of potential; additional features such as relationships and events where police came to investigate and you had to quickly find a way to explain yourself in order to evade capture would really spice things up, but for a jam this was really well done!


Great game!


Thank you!